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Philanthropy: The Social Justice Game

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In Philanthropy: the Social Justice Game, players strive to bring resolution to many social justice causes in our world, such as poverty, slavery, and more. They do this primarily through enacting policies in different nations in the world, by fighting for the influence of those nations, and playing lifestyle changing and intervention cards to change the way the game is played.

It's a fast-paced game, full of player interaction. It's quite enjoyable, while being educational.

We like to challenge the winner and/or loser of the game to support a charity somehow, or to make extra effort to volunteer in their community that week. In doing so, we remind ourselves that a truly fulfilling life is not only one that enjoys community with others (via games, for example), but is one that serves others.

In doing so, we all join the mission: changing the world—one card at a time.

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